Costa Rica Retreat 2020

Costa Rica Retreat in 2020 So when is a great time to participate in a Costa Rica Retreat in 2020?   Anytime is a good time regardless of the time of year or even the part of the country the retreat is located.  You will find many beach retreats, rainforest retreats, city retreats and many… Read More »Costa Rica Retreat 2020

#1 Fall Retreat With Sara Perez September 2019

Are you eager to get away from it all and get yourself prepared for winter?  Join us for a 5 day Fall  Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica.

Join Sara Perez as she returns for another amazing retreat.  Sara has been bringing retreat participants here since we first opened.  This will be Saras 4’th Fall Retreat.

Scroll down for more detailed information regarding the fall retreat with Sara.
First Choose “GUEST ROOM”  then Choose “ARRANGEMENT” Pick wether you want to share a bed or sleep alone
If “SHARING” a bed choose 2 for the number to book you and your guest, then click “ADD TO CART”

1 Sneak-Peek At Yoga And Your Health

1 Sneak-Peek At Yoga And Your Health   Do you have any of the following:  Anxiety and Panic Attacks? Arthritis? Asthma? Back Pain? Cancer? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Depression? Diabetes? Fibromyalgia? Headaches? Heart Disease? High Blood Pressure? HIV/AIDS? Infertility? Insomnia? Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Menopause? Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? Overweight and Obesity? Many people feel… Read More »1 Sneak-Peek At Yoga And Your Health

Are You Wanting To Make A Bold Change In Your Life?

Are you wanting to make a change? Aren’t we always looking for something different in our lives? Wanting to change something? WHY??? We never seem 100% content in what is going on around us, we’re always looking to change things. Wanting to make a change is good at times, it means you’re always trying something… Read MoreAre You Wanting To Make A Bold Change In Your Life? »

Holistic Dentistry

So many people are looking for a holistic approach to dentistry. Well here in Costa Rica not only is there holistic dentistry it’s actually very affordable. I’m actually on my way there for a consultation. They believe in using essential oils for prevention and treatment. I will post more information about holistic dentistry. If this… Read MoreHolistic Dentistry »

Monday February 25, 2019 Official Update

Today is Monday February 25, 2019 and it’s another beautiful day in Paradise. We’re preparing for our upcoming retreat with Sara Perez in April. It’s a 5 day rejuvenation retreat with Yoga as the main focus. Whether you’re a beginner or a yoga instructor you don’t want to miss this upcoming event. Sara has been… Read MoreMonday February 25, 2019 Official Update »

Live And Enjoy Life

Live And Enjoy Life First our latest update in regards to the Poas Volcano. The Poas National Park continues to be closed until further notice. It has been quite the last few days but according to experts pressure is building. This means that they expect Poas to have another major eruption similar to the one… Read MoreLive And Enjoy Life »

Treat Yourself

Good day everyone, Poas volcano is still quiet, yeah for us! We all want to help others and usually put our own needs aside. I’m very good at doing that. So today I’m going to visit a Holistic Dentist to see what I need to do to take care of my teeth. While there we… Read MoreTreat Yourself »