Religious Equality

Since we believe in “do unto others as you want done unto you” that if people want to use “religious freedom” to discriminate against people, then YOU have that same right to turn them away.

So many are wanting to use “religious freedom” to discriminate against someone who is GLBTQ and in time discriminate against someone because of their skin color, marital status or anything else and use religion as a basis to do so.  We all know people like this and so many have asked “What can I do?”

Some would say that what I’m about to say is “Not the spiritual thing to do” or to “Turn the other cheek”.

BUT …. why would it be OK for them to turn you away from providing you services and yet come to you for YOUR services???  What legal recourse do you have to say NO without the fear of being sued.  Well as a “Member” of Be The Light Chapel YOU now have the same legal rights as others do to turn away those who use religion to discriminate against anyone.

And you are not discriminating against them, you are just refusing to have their energies connected to you in any way.  You have the right to keep negative people out of your life.  Now using the same “Religious Freedom” as they use, you have the legal backing to do so.

We are a legally recognized church and as such YOU have the same religious rights as all other faiths.