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Costa Rica Mountains

Costa Rica Mountains There is so much more to Costa Rica than the beach and forest areas.  There is actually a whole range of mountains.  Most are part of the volcanic chain here in Costa Rica.  YES there are some active volcano’s. Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz actually is at the base of…

Transportation – Ser La Luz

Transportation Transportation to Ser La Luz From the Juan Sanataria Airport, San Jose, a taxi ride is approximately $50 US.  We do have access to a driver who will personally pick up and deliver 1-3 people from the airport for $30 with prior arrangements. Taxi’s are easy to come by in the town of Grecia…

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Our Yoga Videos Ser La Luz

[embedyt][/embedyt] Yoga Videos Check out our Yoga Videos as well as video updates.  We will also have video’s about nutritional eating, things to do and so much more.  So sign up for updates either on the website OR subscribe to our YouTube channel!  What…

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