Welcome to Be The Light Chapel Minister & Members Directory

This is our directory listing for Ministers of all faiths who want to be of service to all.  This is also a directory listing of our members who want to be part of an open minded, non fire and brimstone church/community.

  1. Are you a minister and looking to help others?
  2. Do you perform Same Sex marriage ceremonies?
  3. Are you as an individual wanting to be a part of an all inclusive community?
  4. Do you want to worship in peace?
  5. Are you afraid the new “Religious Freedom” laws will hurt you in any way?

Then this is the directory for you.  So many people are looking for an open minded minister whether it be a heterosexual person, glbt person or gender neutral.  So many mainstream churches are not as accepting.  We are!  Be The Light Chapel has been around now for 6 years and has a world wide congregation.  By being listed in the directory it does NOT exclude you from being affiliated with your own church.


Photo of Rev Michael R Carbone
Founder/Sr Pastor Be The Light Metaphysical, LLC
Work Phone: +1-813-708-6337 Skype: gaypsychic Anniversary: August 23, 2015

Biographical Info

Rev Michael Carbone is an ordained interfaith minister, a licensed Cosmetologist in the State of Florida, has an AA Degree in Computer Information System from HCC in Tampa, FL and has been working towards his BA Degree from USF.  He also has his Doctor of Divinity degree and a Doctor of Metaphysics.

Like many of you, Rev Michael has had many turns and changes in his life. He first received his calling 9 years ago to become a minister and was Ordained through the Universal Life Church. Rev Michael is one of those who is a naturally gifted Psychic, Medium being born with these abilities. He has even visited the other side as a guest and was informed of his life purpose which is steadily unfolding on a daily basis. Most of the information was hidden until the timing was right. He is a self taught Tarot Reader and Pendulist. Rev Michael is also attuned to Usui Reiki III as a Master/Teacher as well as many other modalities.

While working at a hair salon 4 years ago he came across many “teachers” who kept informing him that his true calling was not in the cosmetology profession but in a spiritual one. He kept questioning and asked the Universe/Higher Power for a clear sign that this is what his life purpose is. In July a few years back, never having called in sick from work before, he had a doctors note to rest for a few days so he can recover from the flue and was fired for calling in sick. Major wake up call and a true sign to take the leap of faith.

It has been a wonderful journey ever since and has lead to him forming Be The Light Metaphysical Chapel. Rev Michael started hosting a nightly on-line radio show on Blog Talk Radio to help those in need. In 2008 he also became a published author “Humanities Great Spiritual Awakeing…Are You Ready”.

At this time Rev Michael was also helping out at a local metaphysical chapel doing their Psychic Fairs as well as helping on occasion on their Messages From Spirit Night.

This is when things really took a turn for the better. While making himself available on a Saturday for those looking for a reading, Rev Michael had 2 of his friends show up. One he had known for a few years when he was a cosmetologist. The 3 of them were talking and they both asked Rev Michael if he ever thought of starting his own chapel.

Rev Michael had a parting of ways with the chapel he was involved in, and Be The Light Metaphysical was formed.

What started out in 2010 as an online presence has since grown into a gift shop at the USA Flea Market to help raise funds for the chapel as well as for Rev Michael to help people on their spiritual journey. In another turn of events, dozens of people each weekend were coming in all summer long and asking if there were any Metaphysical Chapels in the area. People were looking for some place different than what is already available out in the community. So in September 2011 Rev Michael was offered to expand to a bigger location at the flea market so that a physical chapel could be formed. After much consideration it was agreed upon that the money difference for expanding was not worth it for only 3 days a week from 9-4. So the search began and our current location was founded.

Rev Michael’s Ministry Mission

I dedicate my time, talents and gifts to help those who are seeking guidance to help improve their lives in a loving, caring community environment. I also dedicate my time and talents to create a transforming and nurturing community where all are welcome to explore and expand their lives to their full divine potential.

Rev Michael’s Ministry Values:

  • I believe We are all one in god’s eyes
  • I believe god spoke to each culture in a way we would all understand which thus created all the world religions
  • I believe in the master teachers who are the basis of the worlds different religions
  • I believe that anyone who has received the calling to be a minister should be allowed to follow their calling
  • I believe that being a Metaphysical Minister is not about one particular religion but encompassing all religions
  • I believe in the use of incense, oils, herbs, candles, colors, different healing modalities, crystals and prayer are all tools to help us connect to a higher power
  • I believe in tithing to help a ministry grow for it is important to help those who are lost and seeking guidance
  • I believe that we all have a message that needs to be heard
  • I believe that we are all part of the bigger picture and have had many lives to fulfill that path
  • I believe that God/creator loves each of us unconditionally
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