Welcome to Be The Light Chapel.

We were founded in 2010 to help fulfill the spiritual needs of those who are seeking answers to the unknown. We are a non-denominational, interfaith, holistic, spiritual online church and worldwide ministry.

We offer an alternative to traditional religious practice, and welcome all who wish to participate regardless of faith, race, gender, including the LGBT Community. Our purpose is to provide Spiritual enrichment and growth to all. We are dedicated to helping individuals explore their spirituality and connection to God/Universe through mind, body, and spirit. Through weekly worship services, meditation and spiritual instruction, we discover our life purpose and create a positive, abundant and loving life.

We strive to keep negativity out of our lives as well as distance ourselves from negative people.  Their negativity is their path that they must work through.  Our ministers are trained to help people deal with their negative issues and to see the light.


Our God is an all loving God, who created us all in his/her image.

We believe in the following:

Spirit Communication
Laying On Of Hands
Earth Energies

and so much more!



We Are All Created Equal

We believe that there is 1 god/creator that has many different names.

Have you been searching for answers? Chances are good that your quest for answers and truth will end here.

St. John 15:16, ” You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and Ordained you before the foundations of the Earth.”


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