Amazon Products We Use

Amazon Products We Use

So many people have been asking what Amazon Products do we use.  When I have to do my 90 day run back to the states until I get my residency, I stock up on some hard to find supplies.  So no more wondering “what do they use”, we will start to link to the exact product that we have purchased.  I bought our ice cream maker (got stopped by customs here in Costa Rica), security cameras, alarm system, teas and so much more from them.  Where do I go to so it makes my shopping easier?  AMAZON!  What a life safer being a member with them has been.

So you will see in posts links to their website with products that we highly recommend.  If you are a PRIME member take advantage of their free shipping.  We are Prime members for many different reasons.  Discounts, free shipping and MOVIES!


Another great tool we use form them is we purchase our E-Books from them.  I use my Kindle all the time, especially with all the traveling I have been doing.  It’s great to learn a new language (Spanish), get cooking ideas, or even on healthier eating.  There are even e-books on Yoga.  As with any type of on-line shopping it is important to buy from a reputable source which is why I will recommend products from them that we use or that I truly have faith in.


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