Anniversary update Ser La Luz


WOW – it is so hard to believe that it has been our 1 year anniversary already since we purchased the property that we now call Ser La Luz.

As we look at pictures from our first trips here it’s hard to believe all that we have accomplished in a single year.  Finally, the place has transformed into the beauty that we saw the first day.  We are making friends here and just yesterday we had our first open house.

About 15 Gringo’s (Ex-Pats) arrived at Ser La Luz to check out what we have been up to and to get information about Yoga classes, retreats and of course renting out the rooms for visiting family and friends.  It was about time for us to start to socialize with other people in the Grecia area.  Therefore we have received some amazing feedback and next week we will start holding our first classes.

In September we have our first Yoga Retreat with Michael’s Yoga Loft family.  Dasha will be the visiting instructor and Kela will be here to prepare some amazing raw foods.  We are sure they will be amazed at the changes we have made.

A wonderful anniversary celebration.

We are slowly learning Spanish and Ed is doing much better than Michael at it.  Most noteworthy, Michael drives like a local.  Fasten your seat belts and hold on. It is an amazing adventure that we are thankful everyday for.  And next door we have an amazing Tico (Costa Rican) family who owns a dairy farm in the valley below.  Therefore, we get fresh milk that is amazing and very affordable.  Most of all, you can see the cows grazing in the valley below.

We are adding more edible landscaping to the property.  Our little orchard area is producing more delicious organic fruits again.  Our vegetable gardens are finally coming along and our herbal area is amazing.

As you can see from all the amazing pictures we have been posting, we are officially ready for you to come and visit.  Whether it be for a retreat or just a vacation getaway, we are ready.  Next year we will have to plan an anniversary retreat!

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