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Religious Freedom

We hear so much about “Religious Freedom” as a way to discriminate against others. They “claim” it is not discrimination but rather that it goes against their religious beliefs.  That… Read more »

Same Sex Marriage

We have always been an open spiritual church.  Love is love and all or our ministers will gladly perform your marriage for you.  When others say NO WAY, we say… Read more »

Welcome To Be The Light Spiritual and Metaphysical Chapel

Be The Light Metaphysical Chapel

Welcome to Be The Light Spiritual and Metaphysical Chapel and Center located in New Port Richey, FL. It is out mission to use modern technology to it’s fullest advantage so… Read more »

Rev Michael

Rev Michael Carbone is a licensed Cosmetologist in the State of Florida, has an AA Degree in Computer Information System from HCC in Tampa, FL and has been working towards… Read more »

Spiritual Holistic Healing

Spiritual Holistic Healing: By practicing Spiritual Holistic Healing we honor all the world’s spiritual and/or religious traditions without the need to belong to any particular religious or spiritual belief system…. Read more »

Metaphysics and Same Sex Marriage

Before Christianity, same sex marriage was normal. Being gay was normal. Love between 2 consenting adults is what God accepts, there is a reason for it. In numerous cultures throughout… Read more »

Metaphysics and Spirituality

What exactly is metaphysics? Metaphyscis – is a combination of Greek words – Meta meaning beyond and physics – things relating to, or part of the physical world. In todays… Read more »

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