Being A Member

So you want to be a member of Be The Light Chapel.  It’s real easy to do, we do not require a tithing OR a membership fee.  Donations are gladly accepted to help keep the church operational.

You will notice a “Directory” this is where you can find other open minded ministers of many different faiths who are available to help you.

We believe in keeping our “Members” information confidential so all you have to do is “Register” for this website and  you are legally a recognized member of Be The Light Chapel.  No one else will be able to find your information.  We had thought about opening up the directory to everyone to be listed but realized some may want their privacy so we opted for 2 different areas.

Click on the “Register” button and become a part of the most amazing church you could ever imagine.

Welcome to your new home.

Rev Michael Carbone

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