Welcome to Be The Light Chapel Minister & Members Directory

This is our FREE directory listing for Ministers of all faiths who want to be of service to all.

This is also a FREE directory listing of our members who want to be part of an open minded, non fire and brimstone church/community.

  1. Are you a minister and looking to help others?
  2. Are you a minister who will perform Same Sex marriage ceremonies?
  3. Are you as an individual wanting to be a part of an all inclusive community?
  4. Do you want to worship in peace?
  5. Are you afraid the new “Religious Freedom” laws will hurt you in any way?

Then this is the directory for you.  So many people are looking for an open minded minister whether it be a heterosexual person, glbt person or gender neutral.  So many mainstream churches are not as accepting.  We are!  Be The Light Chapel has been around now for 6 years and has a world wide congregation.  By being listed in the directory it does NOT exclude you from being affiliated with your own church.






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