Costa Rica Earthquake Today

Earthquake Today

Living at the base of a volcano you occasionally can have an earthquake.  Well we had a mild earthquake today.  It happens.  It was very minor where we are and we hardly felt anything from it.  Some people during yoga said they felt something and dishes rattled just a little.  Poas is the 2nd largest “active” crater in the world.  It is also the 2nd most acidic lake in the world with a PH of zero.  It is not surprising that we had an earthquake today given it’s highly active.  Our friends in town called or messaged to ask if we were OK.

Today’s earthquake happened about 80 km away from us which is why we hardly felt anything at all.  With us living at the base of the active Poas Volcano those things do happen.  Poas had an eruption today too but thank God it’s not the typical lava flowing ash spewing eruption.  A lot of times with earthquakes near volcanos earthquakes do happen.

Earthquake Today Poas

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