Costa Rica Mountains

Costa Rica Mountains

There is so much more to Costa Rica than the beach and forest areas.  There is actually a whole range of mountains.  Most are part of the volcanic chain here in Costa Rica.  YES there are some active volcano’s.

Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz actually is at the base of the worlds second (2nd) largest active crater, the Poas Volcano.  It is amazing.  Luckily it does not spew out lava like some other volcanos do.  We do see the steam clouds from it’s water filled crater.  As water seeps down to the lava chamber below it creates pressure and geysers can happen.  Which if you happen to be there at the right time can be amazing.  We have yet to see one from our home.

Having so many different mountains and volcanos here in Costa Rica gives you so many different climate zones.  The beach area is typically like being in hot, humid Florida year round.  You definitely need your a/c.  You also need protective clothing because along with heat and humidity you have the dreaded mosquito.  Do not get me wrong, beaches are amazing.  Yet so many places focus only on those areas.

We are located at 4,700 ft elevation and the weather YEAR ROUND is amazing.  Low to mid 80’s during the daytime and low to mid 60’s at night.  We literally have no need for heat or air conditioning.  Though some nights do feel chilly, especially after it has rained most off the afternoon.

There are two (2) seasons here in Costa Rica.  Winter and Summer.  You would think we are in the Southern Hemisphere with the way the seasons are.  What is typically called Summer in the northern hemisphere is actually winter in costa rica.  It is the cooler part of the year and it happens to also be the wet season.  September and October are the wettest months out of the year and there can be days where it rains non-stop.  But that’s the joy of living here.

The summers here can be very hot.  But being up at our elevation it is not bad at all.  It is the dry season and we can go months without any rain at all.  Yet so much stays green for a long time.  One would think that with no rain for so long that most of the trees would lose their leaves.  Yet not many do.

After living in the Tampa Bay Florida area for over 26 years, Michael finds this a relief.  Ed and Michael decided they did not want the beach weather 365 days out of the year.  Just too hot.  We like it on the more mild side.  The central valley which consists of San Jose was still a bit too warm for us.  We ended up in the Grecia area and up to the mountains.  There is actually an amazing Ex-Pat community here and this is where you still can find the typical Costa Rican culture.  People are very friendly here and if they like you they will go out of their way to help.  Be cautious though, because just like most other places, people can take advantage of your kindness.

So if you want to explore what Costa Rica is truly about, check us out and we can give you a tour of real Costa Rica Culture.  PLUS you get some amazing views of the valley areas below.



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