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We believe that God/Creator supports His/Her Work through the offerings of His/Her People! Be The Light operates in this fashion. Where you attend Church and are a member, you too, should give your first offerings there! However, Be The Light was in operation before we established a local Church. Rev Michael was given the message to use modern technology to it’s fullest extent to help those in need from around the world.  Many things go on here at Be The Light beyond the typical doings of a local Church. The Ministry here is truly a Missionary endeavour. A system of financial support has evolved which assists us in the financing of our Creator’s work here at Be The Light. May I share the following with you now in order to brief you as to three main focuses of extra finance in order to give you a clear view of what exists in this regard. You may very well be led by God/Creator to participate. There are three groups of principle financial partners of Be The Light Metaphysical. These are:




2.  25 FOR 6


****** BE THE LIGHT NOW RADIO ******

It costs us $100 a month to host the radio show on Blog Talk Radio,, Spreaker Radio, YouTube Live on top of our hosting.  This was the first outreach of Be The Light before we had a physical church.  Most shows are a call in variety where you can call in for a quick mini-reading for free.  We have callers from all over the world just to get some help and guidance from our readers.  We call them The Best Of The Best.  Even some of our guests help you from around the world, Cat Edwards from Australia, Nenari from Canada are just 2 who call in to help you.  We couldn’t do it without your help.  Please click on the DONATE button to help with a donation. Some people do $1 while some do up to $25 to help keep us on the air.

Other Amount:

******  25 FOR 6 ******

Take the pledge to help us stay open with $25 a month for 6 months.  This will help us cover our internet access so we can provide you your spiritual support.  This also helps us to stream spiritual music 24/7 and to provide you with weekly video sermons.  Please hit the SUBSCRIBE button below to sign up for the $25 for 6.

We are a LEGALLY recognized church and your donations ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!! As per the IRS we do NOT have to be a 501(c)3 in order to accept donations and for those donations to be TAX EXEMPT and a deduction for you.


It has been my blessed privilege to have founded Be The Light Metaphysical, LLC. I assure you that to the best of our ability we do our best to make each dollar go as far as possible. We hold costs down by maximizing volunteer help and hours. NONE of our pastors take a salary.  We must labor together with God to see His Work go forth. Give with assurance that you are planting seeds into fertile ground for the Glory of God. Our motto is to simply fly low and go slow. If you don’t fly too high you won’t fall too far! We have tried to make a little progress go with the flow and as the past few years went by progress grows as well. We continue on with that philosophy. In short, we simply do not go into debt but rather take the pay as you go approach as much as possible. As the work here as grown so has the expenses and facilities so hence, the need to create ways to finance God’s work in accordance to His Word and Will. We all do what we can as our hearts are directed and give cheerfully!


Please pray as we continue with –

-The teaching of God’s Words

-Fighting discrimination and inequalities

-Radio and Video outreaches


Sure it takes money…but Spirit always provides!

He uses His People . . . so

Talk to God about what He might want YOU to DO

and if He speaks to your heart….become a


BE THE LIGHT NOW RADIO  or a member of the 25 for 6


and let’s become Partners together with God in the continuation of His/Her Work!

Please remember that there is NO CHARGE for calling into the radio show or for any service offered. It is paid for by Spirit

through you and me working together with and for SPIRIT to assist others and glorify our creator.



Other Amount:

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