Metaphysics and Spirituality

What exactly is metaphysics?

Metaphyscis – is a combination of Greek words – Meta meaning beyond and physics – things relating to, or part of the physical world. In todays world metaphysics loosely means subjects and beliefs that relate to things beyond the physical world.  Isn’t that who God is?  Isn’t that what Spiritulaity is?  Both are beyond the physical world.

How is Metaphysics the New Spirituality?

One question I am always asked is “Do you believe in Jesus?”  Of course I believe in Jesus, he was the son of God, just like you and I are.  At Be The Light Metaphysical Chapel, as in other interfaith metaphysical centers, Jesus is an Ascended Master.  He’s a Master/Teacher and messenger from God.  He was a master metaphysician.

Most sacred texts, if they were not written about Jesus or any of the other religious figures, were written by prophets and seers.  These were gifts from God to relay messages to everyone else.  Prophets and seers are still around today, we just call them Psychics and Mediums.  God sent us many messengers throughout history.  Jesus, Buddha, Allah and so many others.  They were brought here to help us learn more about God, to understand who we are and where we came from.

While so many people are leaving traditional churches and traditional religious beliefs, it does not mean they are giving up on their faith.  So many are turning to Metaphysics to help them understand more about their faith and beliefs.  Many are losing faith in traditional beliefs due to all the scandals that are arising.  Many ask the question of how can  you teach us that certain things are wrong and yet your religious leaders are guilty of doing those exact things.  So many are asking why is it that some preach one thing and yet practice another.  This is helping them to leave their traditional beliefs.

Since Metaphysics is about a higher power, many are turning to Metaphysical churches to help them to still worship God.  So many are realising that the great books were written by men, interpreted by men and used by men to help control the masses.  So many people are asking how can God, our father, mother and creator, teach us about love and  yet if we do not do exactly what we are told from these books, we will burn for all of eternity.

If that is the case then we are all going to burn for we do not follow 100% what is written in the bible or other religious texts.  We have chosen over the years what to accept as belief and what to do away with.  After all, we work and shop on Sundays, eat meat on Fridays, get divorced and so much more.  These things are written in the great books as being wrong, yet we do them anyway.

So while so many are leaving traditional religions, many are turning to metaphysical churches.  Be The Light Spiritual and Wellness Center is growing so quickly that by June 1’st it will be expanding to double it’s current size, and even then it will not be long before even that space is too small to handle the ever growing congregation.