Organic Giardiniera – Probiotic

Organic Giardiniera – Probiotic

“Another Fermented Food Full of Probiotic Bacteria”
In Italy, Mexico, Germany, and Korea and many other great places around the world fermented foods are popular, and sauerkraut and kimchi are favorites world wide. But here is another fermented food that’s very easy to make and will do the body good — it’s called Giardiniera.
Everyone should have about 4 or 5 pounds of good probiotic bacteria in their gut but most people only have 1/2 pound or less. This means they are lacking in good probiotic bacteria and probably have an overgrowth of bad bacteria. Probiotics are important for a robust and powerful immune system, for good mood, and great health in general and for keeping away disease.
Probiotic capsules work fine but they are expensive and making your own probiotic pickles is really inexpensive— Thus we save money and saving money is always good.
Giardiniera is a pickled veggie recipe which has been made for centuries. Eating 1 cup a week of giardiniera will rehab a person’s bacteria.

Organic Giardiniera


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