What is a retreat?

Costa Rica Retreat Yoga Room

So many times when promoting Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz I get a response of “I don’t do Yoga”.  There are many options for retreats than people realize.  Retreats can range from a quiet silent get away from it all for a few days to spiritual retreats, nutritional retreats, wellness retreats and yes even yoga retreats.

A retreat can be some quiet time alone or in a group setting.  You can also participate in a totally silence retreat where no word is spoken.  You can even do a support group type of retreat with a lot of talking.  Partaking in a spiritual retreat allows you time for reflection, prayer and meditation.  The religious retreat can be defined as time away from one’s normal life for the purpose of reconnecting, usually in prayer, with God.

Join us for a nutritional retreat where we help teach you about nutritional eating, share with you some nutritional recipes and support you while you cleanse your body of the typical junk foods.  Your meals will be planned out according to your dietary needs to help you succeed in changing your diet.

Take a weekend off for a wellness retreat where you can receive massages, reflexology, reiki sessions, relax in our jacuzzi and enjoy the sun on our terrace.  You will also be able to cleanse your body and eat nutritious meals both on-site and off.  Relax, unwind and get away from it all.

Want to deepen your Yoga practice?  Want to learn more about Yoga with a group of friends?  How about come for a vacation with your favorite Yoga instructor?  Ed and Michael are both certified Yoga instructors and host many one on one retreats where you can come to their home and participate in yoga sessions.  Many yoga teachers bring a group of students with them to see the best of Costa Rica while deepening their practice.

So check out our Events page to see which retreat you want to join us for.  Want to get a group of friends together for a get away from it all weekend?  Contact us for more information


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About Us

We are Ed and Michael and we are your hosts here at Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz.

We started Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz so that we not only can share the beauty of our home with YOU, but so that we can also share our love for Yoga.  At Costa Rica Retreat we are here to make your retreat a huge success in many ways. Need someone to lend a hand with a class?  Since we are both certified instructors, we are available to do that IF you need us. Your retreat is your retreat.

Costa Rica Retreat is your holistic healing mountain retreat center. We have been awarded Trip Advisors “GREEN ADVISOR” for all our green initiatives. NO a/c OR heat, there is no need for that. We compost and recycle. Our hot water is 100% SOLAR and soon so will the rest of our property.

We are located on just over a 1/3 acre of land at an elevation of 4,700 ft half way up the Poas Volcano.  The height of the volcano is about 8,000 ft.  Breathtaking views of the volcano as well as the valley below.  Numerous hiking trails surround this area with a small creek below and an amazing waterfall in walking distance.

Our great room is around 800 sq ft with walls made up mostly of windows so every view is amazing.  Enter through our grand 9 ft high custom made wooden doors and let your classes begin.  We have a total of 4 bedrooms for your use with 3 of the rooms having their own full bath with showers.  Every bathroom is connected to our Solar Hot water so enjoying a nice hot shower is always available.  For the 1 bedroom (small bunk room) the guests have to use one of the 2 full bathrooms just off the great room.

Relax on our observation deck above the small bunk room, enjoy our 80 ft long tiled terrace, sit in our meditation area nestled inside our large ornamental ginger area.  Our gardens will amaze you with the numerous hummingbirds that visit us.  You can even walk through our mini-orchard area and relax.  If the season is right then you can pick some lowquats, oranges, mango or guava.  We do not use any chemicals in our gardens at all.

Nights can be on the “cool” side in the low to mid 60’s so relax in our jacuzzi OR help yourself to creating a nice cozy fire in our outdoor fire pit.

Want some herbal tea to drink?  Check out our herbal garden area and harvest some fresh mint or other herbs for your enjoyment.

What makes Costa Rica Retreat so different?  We are a “boutique” retreat center.  Which means you get more one on one with your retreat guests.  We have accommodations for between 8-12 guests.  When you host with us, know that YOUR retreat is the only one that is taking place while you are here.  The facility and all it’s gardens is completely yours to enjoy.  While other retreat centers focus on how many groups they can host at a time, we like the idea of catering to only 1 group at a time.  This is what makes us truly unique.  Another is we are not in your typical “tourist” area.  Put all together this is what makes Costa Rica Retreat so unique.

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Same Sex Marriage

We have always been an open spiritual church.  Love is love and all or our ministers will gladly perform your marriage for you.  When others say NO WAY, we say YES WAY!!

No where in the bible does it state that same sex marriage is wrong or that marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman.  Some mormons believe that 1 man can have many wives and it is in THEIR bible.  The bible is interpreted in many ways, mostly to control people.

So if you are looking to get married, check out one of our ministers and we would be honored to perform the service for you.

OR for an even more special service, get your marriage license and come to Costa Rica and Rev Michael Carbone will be honored to perform your ceremony for you at Costa Rica Retreat.

Yoga Videos

This is a supporting members area. For only $9.95 a month OR $99.95 a year, you get to enjoy all of our Yoga Video’s at your leisure.

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Yoga Teacher Training Anniversary for Michael

Yoga Teacher Training Anniversary for Michael

Today is the 1 (one) year Yoga Teacher Training Anniversary for Michael.  Michael completed his YTT200 hr course at the Yoga Loft in Tamp, Florida with Ashley Theiser.  While Michael experienced many ups and downs during that time, it created many wonderful memories for him.  With so many ah ha moments, many tears, many laughs and so many struggles.  But through it all the 20 students as well as the many teachers became 1 (one) big family.

Most noteworthy, Ed was one of the special guest teachers there. Although, it was a bit strange having Ed teach Michael’s class, everyone was able to see why Michael loved Ed so much.  Furthermore, Eds teaching in the YTT class is just like his teaching in an everyday class.  At least once a month Michael and Ed were traveling to Costa Rica to find the ideal place to put together Ser La Luz & Costa Rica Retreat.  It was a bit challenging sometimes to have a weekend of training and leave the next day for 10 days to Costa Rica.

Visiting Costa Rica so quickly and so often was well worth it in the end.  It has been a very wonderful year filled with many challenges and an amazing adventure.  Since you are looking for an adventure, join them on their journey.  As a result, an amazing adventure is what you will experience now that Costa Rica Retreat and Ser La Luz are now ready to welcome guests and host your next retreat.

Here is to an amazing Yoga Teacher Training Anniversary… YOU DID IT!!

Michael's Milestone - Yoga Teacher Training Anniversary
Location of the convocation - the Hindu Temple of Tampa.  There's Michael in black/grey.

Location of the convocation – the Hindu Temple of Tampa. There’s Michael in black/grey.


Yoga Loft Tampa is hosting a retreat at Costa Rica Retreat on September 23, 2016.  Fellow Student and Yogi Dasha who will be the teacher for the retreat. Kela will be preparing all the raw foods for the event with her boyfriend Travis who own Pura Vida Raw Foods in Florida.

To my fellow Yogi’s in Tampa, FL – Happy 1 Year Yoga Teacher Training Anniversary!  May spirit/god continue to bless each of you every step of the way on this amazing journey.

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Our Latest Guests from France

Our Latest Guests from France

It was wonderful having our latest guests visiting us from France.  What a wonderful adventurous couple.  They had a 3 week vacation and decided to go to Nicaragua first and then to Costa Rica.  Since we are listed on AirBnB they did a search for Mountain and Yoga and found us.  They did the touristy spots and wanted some quiet time to unwind before heading back home.  They visited Arenal Volcano and the surrounding area.  What is so misleading about Arenal is that you can not visit the volcano.  It’s too active.

So many people want to see the crater of an active volcano and with all the great marketing for the area, that’s where people head to.  Well we are an alternative location.  They stayed with us for 2 nights and we arranged for them to visit the Poas Volcano.  When they returned they said they had an amazing time up there and hiked the trails too.  Being that it is winter here and the rainy season we suggested they go early in the day before the clouds roll in.  PERFECT!!!  No clouds.

Our latest guests, just like everyone else, wanted to see the surrounding area.  So we brought them into downtown Grecia so they could walk around town and check out it’s charm.

What an amazing adventure that God/Spirit has brought us here for.  Michael had traced his family genealogy back to 1652 where Guillaume Pelletier was an immigrant to Canada from France and is one of the founding families, just like our pilgrims.


Our Latest Guests From France


Are you ready to become Our Latest Guests?  If so then contact us for more information and we can customize your own “retreat”.  Turn your vacation into your own personal retreat with US!  We can help you to create the adventure of a lifetime.

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Amazon Products We Use

Amazon Products We Use

So many people have been asking what Amazon Products do we use.  When I have to do my 90 day run back to the states until I get my residency, I stock up on some hard to find supplies.  So no more wondering “what do they use”, we will start to link to the exact product that we have purchased.  I bought our ice cream maker (got stopped by customs here in Costa Rica), security cameras, alarm system, teas and so much more from them.  Where do I go to so it makes my shopping easier?  AMAZON!  What a life safer being a member with them has been.

So you will see in posts links to their website with products that we highly recommend.  If you are a PRIME member take advantage of their free shipping.  We are Prime members for many different reasons.  Discounts, free shipping and MOVIES!


Another great tool we use form them is we purchase our E-Books from them.  I use my Kindle all the time, especially with all the traveling I have been doing.  It’s great to learn a new language (Spanish), get cooking ideas, or even on healthier eating.  There are even e-books on Yoga.  As with any type of on-line shopping it is important to buy from a reputable source which is why I will recommend products from them that we use or that I truly have faith in.


Costa Rica Earthquake Today

Earthquake Today

Living at the base of a volcano you occasionally can have an earthquake.  Well we had a mild earthquake today.  It happens.  It was very minor where we are and we hardly felt anything from it.  Some people during yoga said they felt something and dishes rattled just a little.  Poas is the 2nd largest “active” crater in the world.  It is also the 2nd most acidic lake in the world with a PH of zero.  It is not surprising that we had an earthquake today given it’s highly active.  Our friends in town called or messaged to ask if we were OK.

Today’s earthquake happened about 80 km away from us which is why we hardly felt anything at all.  With us living at the base of the active Poas Volcano those things do happen.  Poas had an eruption today too but thank God it’s not the typical lava flowing ash spewing eruption.  A lot of times with earthquakes near volcanos earthquakes do happen.

Earthquake Today Poas