The king of the universe is my father. I am the successor to all his kingdom of power, wealth, and wisdom.
Falling into a forgetful state of mortal beggary, I have failed to claim my divine birthright.

O Mother, Father, God, Creator, I want prosperity, health, and wisdom without measure, not from earthly sources but from thine all-possessing, all powerful, all bountiful hands.

I will not be a beggar, asking limited mortal prosperity, health and knowledge. I am thy child and as such I demand, without limitations a divine childs share of thine illimitable riches.

Mother, Father, God, Creator, let me feel that I am thy child. Save me from beggary! Let all good things, including health, prosperity and wisdom, seek me instead of my pursuing them.

Lord, teach me to remember and be grateful for the years of health I have enjoyed.
I will spend less and less, not like a miser, but as a person of self-control.
I realize that it is only money and as such I will gratefully pay for my purchases and not worry so much where more money will come from, I will say “It’s Only Money” and truly mean it

I will spend less that I may save more and with those savings bring material security to myself and my family. I will also liberally help my needy human brothers and sisters.

The kindgom of the planets and all the riches of the earth belong to theee, my divine mother, father, god, creator. I am thy child; therefore I am the owner of all things even as though art.

Mother, Father, God, Creator teach me to include the prosperity of others in the pursuit of my own prosperity.

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