Retaining Wall Update – Costa Rica Retreat

Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz — Improvements!

Retreat Update!

Our lower retaining wall is starting to take shape, finally. Due to a broken drainage pipe part of the lower area started to collapse from rain runoff and was in need of a retaining wall.  So after a few months of finding people to do the work and getting bids we settled on a neighbor down the street Mr. Armando.  Most noteworthy, he is a wonderful older man.  He was referred to us by another neighbor Henry, who speaks great english and helps us with some translation issues.

Costa Rica Retreat is now ready to host your event!

Here in Costa Rica you submit paperwork for permits and it then goes to an Architectural institute for approval.  We had to hire an architect to approve of things.  He is amazing.  When you apply for permits here in Costa Rica it can take up to a month, at the latest.  See if they do not issue the permit by then, legally they have to approve your work and give you the permits.

While waiting for the paperwork to go through, they decided since rainy season was quickly approaching to get started with the work.  So a trench was dug for the footing of the wall and it had to be dug out a few meters in for the wall to be away from the road.  OH OH — problem — the earth was not stable.  There is a pocket of “loose sand” and it started to fall which lead to a collapse of the earth.  That’s not so bad after all.  With this issue they were given an “emergency” order to get the work started even before the permit was issued.

What a long process.  First rebar was bent to form a box of sorts for the footing to go into, then concrete was poured for it.  Now they are raising the wall.  Four – five guys are putting up the wall.  Talk about dedication our here in Costa Rica.  They are on the site working at 6 a.m. and do not finish until at least 4 p.m. sometimes 6 p.m. they were still working.  Mr Armando actually walks a few times during the night to keep an eye on things to make sure none of the materials are being stolen.  They do this 6 days a week.  They are getting paid by the job, not by the hour either.  At least on our part.

Check out the pictures of the process.  Costa Rica Retreat will actually gain a few feet of ground when it’s all done.  We might put a sitting area down there next to the orchard.

Retreat retaining wall

ready for our retaining wall


foundation frame going in


the wall is going up

IMG_5161 IMG_5480 (1)

We reached the top — now to fill in with gravel and dirt and put up the metal fencing


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