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Transportation to Ser La Luz

From the Juan Sanataria Airport, San Jose, a taxi ride is approximately $50 US.  We do have access to a driver who will personally pick up and deliver 1-3 people from the airport for $30 with prior arrangements.

Taxi’s are easy to come by in the town of Grecia and will pick you up from Ser La Luz with a phone call.  Rates are very reasonable, with the fare from Ser La Luz to Grecia about $10 US.  Government sanctioned taxi’s are highly advisable.  Easily identifiable by their bright red colors and yellow triangles.

Transportation Assistance

We have a private driver available to help you get around.  Most noteworthy an all day trip to La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano area from approximately 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. could cost about $200.  It is the same fee whether it is 1 to 3 people.  We can arrange personal excursions no matter the size of your party.

Located about 300 meters east of Ser La Luz is a public bus stop which will take you directly into central Grecia.  From there you can catch buses around to neighboring towns or to San Jose where you can catch a bus to other parts of Costa Rica.

Transportation Advice

You can rent an automobile while on vacation.  Not recommended for many reasons.  Because your automobile insurance from home not useable here. Furthermore you absolutely need FULL Coverage.  Hence Costa Rica’s traffic and drivers habits can be a bit frightening.  Their tradition of “landmark address system” takes some getting use to.  There are no street signs OR address numbers once you leave San Jose.   Driving after dark is not recommended.  Due to pot holes and the ability of GETTING LOST.

Transportation Issues

GPS does work — SOMETIMES — GPS signal can be lost when driving around in the mountains and the maps can be a bit confusing.  It may tell you to take a specific road only to be lead on a dead end, barely passable road.

Located about 300 meters from Ser La Luz is a bus stop.  The bus will take you directly into Central Grecia.  Running at least every hour with the last bus to come back this way at 10 p.m.  Furthermore, the last bus to San Jose is 8 p.m.

In conclusion, we will update this page with very useful information as we find it. Because we want to help make your stay here with us a very enjoyable one.

reliable transportation in Costa Rica - Red Cab company

Red Cab company

Finally, getting around is not that bad in Costa Rica.  It just takes some getting use to.

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