What is a retreat?

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So many times when promoting Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz I get a response of “I don’t do Yoga”.  There are many options for retreats than people realize.  Retreats can range from a quiet silent get away from it all for a few days to spiritual retreats, nutritional retreats, wellness retreats and yes even yoga retreats.

A retreat can be some quiet time alone or in a group setting.  You can also participate in a totally silence retreat where no word is spoken.  You can even do a support group type of retreat with a lot of talking.  Partaking in a spiritual retreat allows you time for reflection, prayer and meditation.  The religious retreat can be defined as time away from one’s normal life for the purpose of reconnecting, usually in prayer, with God.

Join us for a nutritional retreat where we help teach you about nutritional eating, share with you some nutritional recipes and support you while you cleanse your body of the typical junk foods.  Your meals will be planned out according to your dietary needs to help you succeed in changing your diet.

Take a weekend off for a wellness retreat where you can receive massages, reflexology, reiki sessions, relax in our jacuzzi and enjoy the sun on our terrace.  You will also be able to cleanse your body and eat nutritious meals both on-site and off.  Relax, unwind and get away from it all.

Want to deepen your Yoga practice?  Want to learn more about Yoga with a group of friends?  How about come for a vacation with your favorite Yoga instructor?  Ed and Michael are both certified Yoga instructors and host many one on one retreats where you can come to their home and participate in yoga sessions.  Many yoga teachers bring a group of students with them to see the best of Costa Rica while deepening their practice.

So check out our Events page to see which retreat you want to join us for.  Want to get a group of friends together for a get away from it all weekend?  Contact us for more information


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