Yoga Teacher Training Anniversary for Michael

Yoga Teacher Training Anniversary for Michael

Today is the 1 (one) year Yoga Teacher Training Anniversary for Michael.  Michael completed his YTT200 hr course at the Yoga Loft in Tamp, Florida with Ashley Theiser.  While Michael experienced many ups and downs during that time, it created many wonderful memories for him.  With so many ah ha moments, many tears, many laughs and so many struggles.  But through it all the 20 students as well as the many teachers became 1 (one) big family.

Most noteworthy, Ed was one of the special guest teachers there. Although, it was a bit strange having Ed teach Michael’s class, everyone was able to see why Michael loved Ed so much.  Furthermore, Eds teaching in the YTT class is just like his teaching in an everyday class.  At least once a month Michael and Ed were traveling to Costa Rica to find the ideal place to put together Ser La Luz & Costa Rica Retreat.  It was a bit challenging sometimes to have a weekend of training and leave the next day for 10 days to Costa Rica.

Visiting Costa Rica so quickly and so often was well worth it in the end.  It has been a very wonderful year filled with many challenges and an amazing adventure.  Since you are looking for an adventure, join them on their journey.  As a result, an amazing adventure is what you will experience now that Costa Rica Retreat and Ser La Luz are now ready to welcome guests and host your next retreat.

Here is to an amazing Yoga Teacher Training Anniversary… YOU DID IT!!

Michael's Milestone - Yoga Teacher Training Anniversary
Location of the convocation - the Hindu Temple of Tampa.  There's Michael in black/grey.

Location of the convocation – the Hindu Temple of Tampa. There’s Michael in black/grey.


Yoga Loft Tampa is hosting a retreat at Costa Rica Retreat on September 23, 2016.  Fellow Student and Yogi Dasha who will be the teacher for the retreat. Kela will be preparing all the raw foods for the event with her boyfriend Travis who own Pura Vida Raw Foods in Florida.

To my fellow Yogi’s in Tampa, FL – Happy 1 Year Yoga Teacher Training Anniversary!  May spirit/god continue to bless each of you every step of the way on this amazing journey.

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